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Ash Tuesday

Ashtray : Achille Castiglioni

The ashtray may be going the way of the wood stove—when was the last time you saw someone smoking inside¬¨‚â†?—but an object is still an object, and this one does better than most.

The polished steel body channels a flying saucer, while the coiled wire holds the cigs and reminds us of the barbed wire on fences throughout our fair city.

Of course, those things’ll kill you.

Designed by Achille Castiglioni [via Uncrate]

Orange Crush

Stainless Steel Ice Crusher

Drinking at home can seem too casual, or worse, anti-social, but all you really need are the right accoutrements.

This ice-crusher—a Mad Men-style relic resurrected by American Chateau—is a touch of welcome anachronism. We certainly won’t miss the industrial rumble of a refrigerator’s ice crusher. Instead there’s a soothing ritual to add to our bartending repertoire, as well as a sleek reminder of a time when stainless steel still had futuristic panache.

Plus, it crushes a lot.

Stainless Steel Ice Crusher [American Chateau]