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The Heavy Wool


Pendleton wool is a pretty good defense against the ungodly bluster currently raging outside—but since we’ve placed our wardrobe on plaid embargo, we tend to gravitate towards the solid-color versions.

In particular, this collaboration with 3sixteen. It’s still the same western wool, but little touches like wooden buttons and asymmetrical pockets keep it well ahead of the trend curve. And most importantly, it stands up to brisk wind every bit as well as your Barbour.

Details Are Sketchy


Richard Haines, our favorite sketch-blogger, just raised his profile another notch. On the heels of his residency at the J. Crew liquor store, he’s got a series of ads for pop-up flea vets 3Sixteen currently going up all over our fair city.

The spot—seen here in its natural habitat—couldn’t be simpler. It’s just Haines doing what he does best: a colored sketch of a well-dressed man. And if that man happens to be wearing a certain brand’s latest offerings…that’s just the magic of business.

See the poster and a video after the jump»

The Ties of Summer


Adding a touch of formality in warmer weather can be a tough thing, but we suggest the following uniform for your next buttoned-up barbecue: shirtsleeves and an invaluable item called the summer tie.

This particular item just landed on 3sixteen’s online shop (via HypeBeast), but you can find similar items at any number of preppy-minded shops. A bit of citrus-tinged gingham against a white shirt can work wonders—especially if there’s a bit of sunshine in the mix. Just try to keep it away from the barbecue sauce.