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Rating The Trends of 2011

Trends of 2011

A lot of new ideas arrived on the menswear scene this past year, but as we cast our gaze forward to 2012, we only see a few of them lasting through the next twelve months. So to let you know what you can safely count on wearing a year from now, we've rated some of the most discussed tricks in the book on a simple AAA-to-D scale (with apologies to Standard & Poors). If you want a credit rating for your double monks, look no further.

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The Gentleman’s Workout (and Other Advice From 2011)

Gentleman's Workout

Let’s be realistic. It’s the week between Christmas and New Years – you’re not going to your personal best mile time. Instead, consider employing The Gentleman’s Workout: Pack a gym bag. Leave it in the car. Find the closest steam room. Enter it with one large bottle of chilled water. Drink it. Take a cold shower. Enter the steam room with a second bottle of chilled water. Drink it. Take a slightly warmer shower. Utilize all toiletries/razors/ combs-in-jar-0f-blue-liquid saves/q-tips available in the locker room and, if applicable, enjoy a stiff cocktail in the clubhouse before returning home for a much-needed post-holiday workout feast.

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The 2011 Kempt Awards – Part Three: Our Favorite Things


Part One: The Gentlemen of 2011Part Two: The Moments of 2011

Part Three: Our Favorite ThingsWe were waiting to board a cross-country Delta flight last week when the flight attendant informed us that the overhead storage compartments were full. She apologized and asked everyone to remove whatever they liked from their carry-on bags before placing them on the jetway to be checked.

A six-year-old girl ahead of us replied, “But I like everything in my carry-on bag. That’s why I’m carrying them.” We all felt the same way.

Ah, things. What would we do without them?

Today, our year-end award-less awards ceremony continues with a look back on some of our favorite things of 2011.

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The 2011 Kempt Awards – Part Two: Moments

Sleep No More

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Part Two: The Moments of 2011
What’s in a 2011 moment? Certainly a few things we never thought we’d see: Charlie Sheen’s crack-induced webcam vlog, a Facebook-inspired revolution in Egypt, a Seal Team Six smackdown on Osama Bin Laden, the discovery of another earthly planet…

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The Men of the Hour of the Year, 2011

There were a lot of stylish men in 2011, and we did our best to wade through them all, week by week, and pick out the best ones.

Some were just good. Others were frighteningly great. And then, there were the five best—the five gentlemen who stood atop humanity in an impeccably cut tuxedo, basking in their own handsomeness and the potential for human achievement. Those are the five we bring to your attention today...

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