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Wave Goodbye


Kempt is going on hiatus until the new year, so we thought we’d leave you with some musings on 2009 and a few forward-looking thoughts for 2010.

First, if you needed the year summed up for you in five minutes, in a concise but formally innovative manner, we’ve got you covered. This Google Wave runs down everything of interest—from Obama’s inaug to Usain Bolt’s world record—before presenting a few Waves discussing 2010. If you’ve got an invite, it’s not a bad way to ring in the New Year. We’ll see you on the other side.

The year in Google Wave form»

The Color of Spring


It’s been a bit of a blue year…but soon that will all be behind us.

Pantone has just named Mimosa as the 2009 Color of the Year, replacing last year’s more muted Blue Iris. After all that time on post-it notes, we have to admit Mimosa’s earned it.

But while we’re not against a little sunshine (especially this time of year), it may get a bit old by the time June rolls around. No one wants sunshine all the time—at least not outside of Alaska.