Late autumn can only mean one thing…

The frenzy of menswear known as the Pop Up Flea is returning for a third incarnation next weekend at Open House Gallery—courtesy of ACL’s Michael Williams and Kempt’s own Randy Goldberg—and we thought we’d give you an early nod as to what you can expect to find there. For starters, we predict vintage baseballs, motorcycle jackets and more handsome leather goods than you can shake a two-inch belt at. But really, that’s just the beginning…

Ladies and gentlemen, the vendors are….

Oak Street Bootmakers
J.W Hulme
Levi’s Vintage Clothing
L.L. Bean Signature
Smith + Butler
Tanner Goods
Scout Original
Wooden Sleepers
Riviera Club
Alexander Olch
Oliver Spencer
The Hill-Side / Hickoree’s Hard Goods
Grown & Sewn
Stanley & Sons
Gitman Brothers Vintage
Schott NYC
Digby & Iona
Alexander West
Leather Head / Lemon Ball
Mark McNairy
Warby Parker
Archival Clothing
The ACL Shop

…and a few others they’re keeping under wraps for now.



  • Russell Brandom