Shipley & Halmos Tuxedo

We love a good tuxedo. It’s the most glamorous outfit there is—the sartorial equivalent of spiking the football. But we have to admit, it’s not for everyone. A lot of guys out there simply don’t go for in-your-face elegance, and when they’re faced with the power-rush of the tux, they have a tendency to head for the hills.

Which brings us to this item, the first tuxedo from Shipley & Halmos—and one of the most unassuming tuxes we’ve seen.

Shipley & Halmos Tuxedo

This isn’t a tux to wear to the Oscars. It’s more for an 8pm gala, followed by a solid two hours of gallivanting in a loosened bow tie. In part, that’s because it has the same silhouette as Shipley & Halmos’s standard two-button suit, with the same high-cut jacket and breakless pants. It makes for an unusually approachable species of black tie, a kind of anti-tuxedo tuxedo. The only flashy part is the lightly detailed bow tie—but it’s subtle enough that we doubt it’ll cause too many jitters.

The next step: overcoming your cummerbund aversion.



  • Russell Brandom