Billy Reid

We’ve gushed quite a bit about Billy Reid’s taste in style, but he’s also the owner of a distinguished profile, which you may have seen linked from his online shop. So we thought we’d take a look at Mr. Reid’s fall/winter selection (arriving in stores this month), with an eye towards its musical inspirations. As it turns out, listening to that much Drive-By Truckers can have quite an effect…

Drive-By Truckers

Topping off the profile: the Drive-By Truckers. (Coincidentally, they’ve also played more than a few gigs at Billy’s Bond Street shop.) So naturally, a bit of blue-collar style leaked in with this Carhartt-style jacket. We bet the truckers would go for the toque too if they were in a chillier part of the world.

Iron and Wine

There aren’t very many musicians who can pull off a three-piece suit, but all of them are indie folkers, all of them have huge beards, and most of them are named Sam Beam. Naturally, Billy’s a fan, logging over a thousand plays.

Lou Rawls

Many men have rocked the white-turtleneck-and-blazer, but few have pulled it off as well as Lou Rawls. Somewhere over the course of 322 plays, we suspect it slipped into Billy’s subconscious.

Led Zeppelin

Anyone who’s listened to enough Led Zeppelin has considered the loose rock star scarf. It’s just that not everyone’s in a position to get it into a lookbook.

Miles Davis

Here’s one for the rakish 50s bohemian: a patterned scarf, thick sweater and pressed tweed trouser. It was practically the uniform for Miles Davis, circa Sketches of Spain, and it’s been seen on thoughtful jazz heads ever since. Naturally, Billy’s been listening in.



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