Italian photographer and documentary filmmaker Fabio Paleari is best known for capturing one of the last interviews with Allen Ginsberg before his death in 1997. We assume he saw a similar window of opportunity with his latest subject, smack rocker Pete Doherty, who by all accounts should be dropping dead any minute now.

Paleari had unparalleled access to the cross-addicted Babyshambles frontman for the past few years, and got a bird’s eye view of his tumultuous relationship with Kate Moss (who has since moved on to The Kills‘ James Hince). The results are collected in his aptly-titled new book, *I Won’t Give Up* (Damiani, $40). It’s not *Tiger Beat* teen idol fan club stuff to be sure, but one somehow comes away with a more sympathetic feeling toward the doomed druggie, who has actually managed to write a few decent songs.

And after all, it’s better to have loved and lost Kate Moss when by rights you should never have gotten anywhere near her in the first place.



  • Jared Paul Stern