Recently there have been multiple Richard Gere sightings that can only be described as gloriously #menswear-y. Let’s take a closer look at the photographic evidence and try to unlock the mystery of why he’s dressed like an eccentric philanthropist:

Richard Gere is…

1030_Gere_1… starring in an off-Broadway production of The Sartorialist: The Musical?

1030_Gere_2… shooting a L’Uomo Vogue editorial on suiting?

1030_Gere_3… leaving film behind to become a bearded, robed, binder-carrying menswear buyer—and has just stepped out of a Pitti Uomo presentation?

1030_Gere_4… modeling a lookbook for one of those impossibly cool Italian brands that no one can pronounce, let alone afford?

1030_Gere_5Sadly, it’s none of the above—as much as we wanted it to be. Actually, he’s just filming a new movie, Franny, in Philadelphia with Dakota Fanning.

But they all seemed pretty damn plausible, right?



  • Najib Benouar