hats of pitti uomo

Surely your Tumblr dashboard has alerted you to the momentous semiannual gathering of epic Italianate peacockery that is Pitti Uomo, which is wrapping up in Florence right now—and per usual, there was some handsome stuff, some inspiring stuff and a few head-scratchers…

It’s visibly winter over there, so we saw a lot of leather five-fingered pocket squares (everyone seemed to think their hands should suffer the cold for fashion), some blankets worn as scarves, and hats. Hats everywhere. Most troubling was the emergence of a few floppy-brimmed hats that fell somewhere between Blossom and Gandalf, but there were some great examples of sensible soft-brimmed fedoras, knit caps and hats of every stripe, too. So we rounded up the various street style photos, Instagrams and Twitpics from the usual suspects in menswear—including those actually in Florence—and found our favorite toppers of the bunch.

Without further ado, we present: The Hats of Pitti Uomo.



  • Najib Benouar