First thing’s first: we survived. And with Fashion’s Night Out safely in the past, we thought we’d set down a record for posterity, with all the plinko, side-tabs and grenadine that implies. Admittedly, our note-taking got a little shaky towards the end…

Community’s Donald Glover with GQ’s Jim Moore. Note to studio heads: We’re currently developing a buddy comedy based on this photo.

Theophilus London looks as understated as you can with a bear head around your neck.

Our two favorite Dockers touches were side tabs from Miller’s Oath…

And velcro from Warriors of Radness—in case you need to start surfing, and you don’t want to waste time.

The item of the night was the grenadine tie, as seen on these gentlemen from Bloomberg.

The gentlemen in the Black Fleece window are either extremely well-behaved models or extremely lifelike automata.

Blogger report: The Significant Other did her part for the rain cape, while Gabe of Pleats are for Lovers sported one of the finest pocket squares we saw all night.

The shop folk at Gant swear the Gants are a real garage rock band from the 60s. We’re going to get to the bottom of this if it kills us.

The aura of Michael Bastian is a powerful thing.



  • Russell Brandom