If you’ve been watching hockey at all this season – and given that you’re reading a men’s fashion website, there’s only about a 20% chance of that – you might have noticed that Sean
, forward for the surging New York Rangers is a little bit of an odd bird. But WWD
tapped us
into a whole new level of the left wing’s oddness.

Now that he’s on a playoff run, Mr. Avery has gone on a public nuttiness streak that matches his work at MSG. On top of calling future-hall-of-fame goalie Martin Brodeur “fatso”, not shaking his hand after the Blueshirts put
away the Devils on Friday night
and signing some very
interesting autographs
, Avery has just announced that he will become an intern at the rather genteel fashion rag Vogue.


The Cut has most of the details already, supposing that the forward will be lugging dress bags around town (easy work for a man who can move at 30 mph.) We have to doubt, however, that even Her Majesty Anna Wintour will make Avery do anything so menial that it could otherwise be assigned to a 105 lb. Vassar graduate. After all, Brad
Pitt probably never had to sweep Frank Gehry’s studio

Rather, we imagine Avery will step in to Rodger
Federer’s place as Wintour’s unofficial escort
. Strange how some of our roughest, toughest athletes wind up sitting next to the queen of the runway set. So to sum up, Sean Avery is a bruiser, a scorer, a clothes horse, a lover and a
; in other words, the Kempt man in full.



  • Gabriel Bell