We’ve got two bits of good sale news. First, Drakes has some achingly handsome cashmere ties on sale here. And once you’re done there, you may want to investigate the more involved summer sale going on at Brooklyn mainstay C’H’C’M’. In fact, there’s so much, we’ve put together a little guide of what to buy, what to sell and what to hold.

Chauncey Breton Strip Pullover
The ecru Breton stripe is a classic, something every man should think about having in his wardrobe. But if you were really enamored, you could probably find a better one from St. James for around the same price.
The Verdict: Sell

Hentsch Man Joe Trousers
Never underestimate a good pair of trousers. This is one of the better pairs you could pick up—on par with Unis or Bill’s—and one of the rare cases where they earn every penny of the retail price. And in the interest of full disclosure, we’re suckers for a good side tab.
The Verdict: Buy

Sunspel Raglan Tee
We’ve gotten gushy about Sunspel before, so we were ready to go to bat for this one…but it turns out Sunspel’s having a sale of their own, and you can pick up a suspiciously similar item for quite a bit less if you’re willing to brave international shipping. That’s globalization for you.
The Verdict: Strong Sell

Levi’s Vintage Work Shirt
$139 is a pretty fair price for anything coming out of levi’s house of deadstock wizardry. The question here is whether you can pull off a work shirt with a banker’s collar. If you’re trying to move away from the “Victorian Laborer” look entirely, you might want to give this one a pass.
The Verdict: Hold

Monitaly Hooded Field Jacket
It’s hard to think about outerwear right now, but the sale gods reward foresight. And since Monitaly is just about untouchable right now, this one’s the steal of the sale. Our favorite detail: that center snap holding the hood together. Get it while you can.
The Verdict: Strong Buy



  • Russell Brandom