Live and Let Die Rolex

Ladies and gentlemen, James Bond’s Rolex has come up for auction.

Specifically, it’s the Submariner from Live and Let Die that managed to saw through Roger Moore’s shackles in the climactic moment—and it’s coming to Christies in just under a month.

That rotating sawtooth bezel is real, although we wouldn’t count on it sawing through any ropes. (You can see from the rear face how they pulled off the trick.) The watch spent the last four decades with the film’s production designer, Syd Cain, and is only seeing the light of day now.

If you’re already burned out on Submariners, you’ll also find a Paul Newman Daytona and a million-dollar pink gold Patek Phillipe—but we doubt either one will be much use when you’re hovering over a shark tank.

(See it closer up on our sister site, Driven.)



  • Russell Brandom