Pop quiz, hot shot: the photo above pictures…

A) A handsome three-piece suit.
B) A bespoke suit by Toronto’s top tailor.
C) A bulletproof suit.
D) All of the above.

If you answered D—well, you probably read the title of this article, and you’re also correct. After months of exhaustively scientific R&D, the gents of Toronto’s Garrison Bespoke have introduced the first-ever three-piece bulletproof suit, and they’re taking orders now.

Herewith, a by-the-numbers breakdown of what that means to you:

Months spent in development with US Special Forces suppliers: 12
Layers of carbon nanotubes hidden beneath the pinstripes: 7
Length-to-diameter ratio of said nanotubes: 132,000,000:1
Minutes spent Googling what the hell that means: 11
Amount this suit is stronger than steel: 30 times
Amount this suit is lighter than Kevlar: 50%
Gun calibers now impenetrable: .35, .45, .22
Corporate takeovers: 100% safer
Cost of owning one yourself: $20,000
Feeling like James Bond: priceless



  • Caitlin Ganswindt