Seavees_crop.jpgSeaVees 01/68
0566_crop.jpgSeaVees 05/66
0764_crop.jpgSeaVees 07/64
1068_crop.jpgSeaVees 10/68

A lot of great labels are looking to California for inspiration—[Trovata](, for instance—but this is the first convincing sneaker we’ve seen.

The label is SeaVees, and they’re keeping production of this 01/68 down to 45 pairs, so you won’t be seeing it on shelves, but that shouldn’t stop you from basking in its glory.

Supposedly, SeaVees took inspiration for the 01/68 from the Eames Chaise, but we prefer to think of it as a laid-back leather update of the classic Keds. Don’t let the casual look fool you: the tops are perforated suede and the shoelaces are leather thongs, so these kicks can take some real damage.

via We Are the Market



  • Russell Brandom


SeaVees is at Jeffrey, 449 W 14th St in New York City (phone: 212 206 1272) and at Fred Segal Feet, 8100 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles (phone: 323-655-9500)