Spring is nigh.

Really, it’s closer than you might think. Which is why we’d like to direct your attention to our leftmost column—where we’ve refreshed our seasonal crop of must-haves. We’ve conjured a spring fever dream of outdoorsiness, March Madness and handsomeness that doesn’t have a hint of winter in it.

Allow us to show you the way…

030514_Spring_1The Scent of Fresh-Cut Grass: That you can wear, of course.

030514_Spring_2A Spring Training Jacket: Good for riding the pine or the uptown express.

Waterfall on the Hardanger FjordSpring Water: Quite literally, we’re talking about getting in touch with the great outdoors and finding yourself a freshwater spring. (Don’t worry, we’ve included a handy guide on where to find your nearest one.)

030514_Spring_4A Trusty Three-Speed: For your more urbane outdoor adventures.

030514_Spring_5A Knit Blazer: It’s half cardigan, half blazer and 100% spring-ready.

030514_Spring_6Spring Flowers: On your short-sleeve button-down, that is.

030514_Spring_7A Bracket Buster: There’s an art to picking March Madness upsets—and if you do it right, everyone’s bracket will be busted but yours.

030514_Spring_8A Sun-Drenched Brunch Spot: Because it’s finally alfresco season again.


  • Kempt Staff