Must Haves

If you’re wondering why it’s feeling a bit more spring-like on Kempt today, we’d like to direct your attention to the column on the left—where we’ve refreshed our seasonal crop of must-haves.

We’ve conjured a spring fever dream of baseball, gardening and corduroys that don’t have a hint of fall in them. Allow us to show you the way.

UmbrellaA Power Umbrella:
For your morning commute. London Undercover has a strong selection.

Opening DayOpening Day Tickets:
We like to consider this the actual date of the spring equinox. Find your tickets here.

CorduroysSpring-y Corduroys:
With temperatures similar to fall’s, spring is also ideal corduroy weather—but you’ll want to get a pair in a sunnier color than your autumnal browns.

Beard TrimmerA Trim Beard:
Spring cleaning for your face. Pick up one of these trimmers for pruning your wintry thicket.

Denim JacketA Denim Jacket:
Here’s an indispensable layering piece around this time of year. And Levi’s has slimmed down their trucker jacket—so your anorak should still fit over it nicely.

Garden KnifeA Garden Knife:
If your thumb is feeling particularly green, you’ll want the right tool for the job—like this traditional Japanese garden knife.

StrokesA New Album:
For anyone who’s spent the past two years hoping for a new Strokes album, the band has finally confirmed that they’ll be releasing Comedown Machine on March 25.

Tax ShelterA Tax Shelter:
The second best thing about an offshore bank account on a tropical island: getting to visit it.



  • Najib Benouar