Knicker Picker

**Plan-B**: Hungry for lovin’? Film a webisode. Or better yet, keep it to yourself. [NYTimes]

**Playing With Dolls**: Still hungry for lovin’ and bored at work? This should blow about a half hour right here. [FOXNews]

**Rear-View Mirror**: If you hadn’t noticed already, nostalgia is the new futurism. [Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette]

**Big Poppa**: While his ex-wife circles the drain, K-Fed will be enjoying the Marc Jacobs show at the Armory. Seeing as you have neither impregnated Brittany Spears or dropped a rap album, you will not. [Catwalk Queen]

**Payola**: On the subject of Marc and the Armory, prosecutors are screaming, “Shenanigans.” [Gawker]

**Benefits Package**: A review of sex between co-workers suggests another meaning for “Casual Fridays.” [City News]



  • Gabriel Bell