The Great Pants War: Two competing revolutionaries, Bonobos and Cordarounds, square off against the “Soviet Bloc” of vertical corduroy with the
introduction a horizontal variation on the classic fabric. Watch out for the crossfire. [ href="">]

The Long Haul: Back off you vultures. Giorgio Armani ain’t going nowhere. [ href="">WWD, 2nd item]

Russian Male-Order Bride: Iron-fisted autocrat beloved legally elected Federation President Vladimir Putin tries his best to emulate Nicolas Sarkozy’s recent marital success. Fails. [Gawker]

Wigging Out: Unofficial Kempt mascot Rachel Bilson plays blonde for a day. [ href="">Egotastic]

Loop de Loop: Harajuku t-shirt maker does it oldschool. [PSFK]

More Celebrity Stink: James Franco, who we href="">actually
like, will be the face for Gucci’s latest scent. [ href="">Luxist]

Boob Tube: Because he hasn’t reached complete market saturation, Tommy Hilfiger will soon have his own TV channel. [ href="">DNRNews]

Madras Explosion: Ahh! Our eyes! Our eyes! [ href="">A
Suitable Wardrobe]



  • Gabriel Bell