Hilfiger & Beyonce

**Slim Down**: Italian lines adopt the skinny tie. [DNRnews]

**Branded**: Gun-tracing tattooers shoot selves. [Dvorak Unleashed]

**Heading South**: Loden Dager takes over the Times fashion blog and runs it down to Georgia. [The Moment]

**The Perils of Plumber Crack**: Watch you temper and your waistline. Slacking on both could wind you up in the pokey. [Styledash]

**Fashioning Fatties**: Is fashion making you manorexic or turning you into a big fat fattie? [Scotland on Sunday]

**Hitting Reset**: The British press gets you ready for 2008. [London Times]

**Pity Tommy**: Hilfiger still dodging racism accusations and crazies. [NY Observer]



  • Gabriel Bell