Moby Dick: If you’re a weasley-looking,
self-righteous vegan of limited musical ability and even more
limited muscle mass who manages to bed Natalie Portman, please try to
be a gentleman about it. [ href="">NYPost]

N’Stink: Ever wonder what all that stuff in Justin
Timberlake’s hair smells like? It’s Givenchy. [Catwalk

“The Bubbles Tickle My Nose”: Behold! The chick drink
of tomorrow![ href="">PSFK]

Who Knew?: In a city of queues and lines, perhaps the
strangest is outside of Abercrombie & Fitch. [ href="">Racked]

Offensive Foul: Crocs, the ideal merchandising tie-in
for the today’s uptempo, run-and-gun NBA. [ href="">Just-Style]

My Beautiful Launderette: Design is only a rinse
cycle away. [Kitsune Noir]

“Does Tom Ford Hate The Straights?”: Sorry, Gawker, we were a
bit distracted by these pics here. What were you saying? [Gawker]

“Marc Jacobs Plagiarized My Dad’s Scarf”: Just
imagine how pissed he’ll be when the knockoffs start showing up on
Canal Street. [The
Local, Sweden



  • Gabriel Bell