Scarlett Johansson Engaged: [Hands over ears] Nah nah
nah—We can’t hear you—nah nah nah. [ href="">Radar]

Dirty Sanchez: Blue-eyed, honey-blond men’s fashion
reporter Amanda Brooks digs the ‘stache. [ href=""> Men's

Zips or Laces?: Why choose? [ href="">Refiney29]

Not So Fast: Okay, so maybe Hedi Silmane
isn’t teaming up with Diesel – but you can’t blame us for
being excited. [ href="">WWD, 2nd item]

At Home With The Style Guy: This is how Glenn O’Brien
rolls. [NYTimes]

Power Hour: Seems ACL has a “Woman of the Hour” to
complement our “Man of the Hour”—personally, we think Chan Marshall
goes with anything. [ href="">A
Continuous Lean]

Stripes on Demand: Inside the bespoke team visit to
Paul Smith’s Soho store. [ href="">NYMag]

Babystrangles: In this video, hipster model Irina
Lazareanu chokes and stomps walking heroin depot (and sometime singer)
Pete Doherty to death with her high heels, fulfilling several of our
darkest, unspoken fantasies. [ href="">NYMag]



  • Gabriel Bell