Who?: No, we don’t know who Emma Rigby is either, but we’ve got one foot out the door and we’d rather just sit back and look than factcheck this one. [Newstoob]

Second Hand: Okay, who’s gonna break in our A.P.C.
pre-worn jeans? [ href="http://racked.com/archives/2008/07/02/not_for_germaphobes_apc_butler_worn_out_jeans.php""target="_blank">Racked]

Upholstery: Yes, these suits look like couches. Yes, they’re hype. [Cup
of Jo

Mimes Against Herpes: You read that right, mimes against herpes. [Animal]

Paris, Je T’aime: New York Magazine’s Paris Fashion Week slideshow is worth a full viewing. [NYMag]

Kapow!: A manly manly guide to the manly manly pursuit of blowing things up for this manly holiday. [Art
of Manliness



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