White Wash: The massive DKNY advertising mural turned
Soho icon at Manhattan’s Houston and Broadway is, like all the other
signs of the neighborhood’s 80s heyday, not long for this world. [ href="">WWD]

NFL Lock Out: Football may ban excessive hair use,
putting an end to those Thors and rastas of the gridiron. [ href="">Styledash]

Chaste Bunnies: The Philippine version of Playboy
will be a fully-clothed, demure affair with, “maybe one nipple,” here
and there. No fun. [Canadian Press]

Forever in Blue Jeans: Mike “Muffin Top” Albo
searches for recession-proof denim. [ href="">NYTimes]

Panic at The Mexico: Emo kids are facing systematic
beat downs south of the border and uniting to defend their rights and
feathered hair. March on, wasted youth. March on. [ href="">The
Daily Swarm]

Forged Signature: Refusing to let a little thing like
legal permission hold it back, an Italian clothes maker bravely
strikes out on its own to create the George Clooney collection. [ href="">WWD]

The Holy Grail: Bring on the male birth-control pill.



  • Russell Brandom