Our Girl Friday: We don’t know if Eva Mendes posed
for these shots before going into rehab and, frankly, we don’t care.

The Queen and The Princess: Carla Bruni visits
England, making every first lady in history look downright homely in
the process. [ href="">Telegraph

San Francisco Treat: A brief and stylish tour of Fog
City. [Refinery29]

Brotherly Love: We’re not sure if we believe in
“bromance,” but we are sure we love ya, dude. [ href="">Men.Style]

“What’s In Your Manbag?”: Excuse me, it’s a href="">European
men’s carryall, okay? [Guardian

Buying in Bulk: Shoppers snatch up Tim Hamilton
shirts 20 at a time. Look for them soon on superfuture and eBay. [Racked]



  • Gabriel Bell