Pink Hearts and Purple Horseshoes: Italian
Elle gets a hold of Adriana Lima’s Lucky Charms. [ href="">Egotastic]

Winged Migration: Swoop in on Birds of Prey. [ href="">Refinery29]

Clapped in Cuffs: Will you roll up when the mercury
rises? [Style

Dropping Names: The horridly named Juicy Couture
Men’s has rebranded themselves as “Dirty English,” a marginal
improvement at best. [ href="">DNRNews]

Mayor McCheese: Did you know that Michael Bloomberg
is a style icon? No? Him either. [ href=",0,5144155.story">Newsday]

Award Season: The CFDAs are tonight. Is your fave
nominated? [Men.Style]

Working Girls: Also from Men.Style, a collection of
the finest women in fashion. We can think of a few they missed, but
enjoy nonetheless. [ href="">Men.Style]



  • Gabriel Bell