Irina Shaykvia GQ

No, Seriously: Ms. Shayk would like to give you a few tips on buying said underthings for your significant other… while she models them. (It’s the only way you’ll learn.) [GQ]
The Bad News First: You’re not getting rich off “the next Instagram.” The good news: we just learned there’s a website dedicated to picture of cats with cash. [Buzzfeed]
The Even Better News: There’s also a new Tumblr dedicated to the impossibly romantic and woodsy charms of Bon Iver. Folksy gentlemen Casanovas everywhere, take note. [Bon Iverotica]
Sixto Sense: Seemingly relegated to obscurity in America—working odd jobs in Detroit after two failed albums—musician Sixto Rodriguez was unknowingly a superstar in a parallel universe: South Africa. A cinematic story, to say the least. [Huffington Post]



  • Najib Benouar