Lenny Kravitz

**Clean Sheets**: Lenny Kravitz, who has bedded about half of everyone you ever wanted to, has become inexplicably chaste. Go ahead and hate. [NY Post]

**Big Deal**: Emerging designer Alexander Wang signs with Japanese megastore Uniqlo. [Mpdclick]

**Don’t Go Away Mad**: _Vice_ founder “Don’ts” himself out of a job, trains his jaundiced eye back on the streets. [Gawker]

**Peace Out, Suckers!**: Valentino disses his fellow designers, takes his basketball, goes home. [NYMag]

**The Ride**: The Maybach in your garage is soon to be obsolete. [Jalopnik]

**Bye Week**: Perfect human Tom Brady continues to do opposition research in our fair town. Doesn’t this guy have a home or something? [NY Observer]

**Generation Gap**: Zac Efron is on the cover of _Details_ leaving us to ask, “what’s a Zac Efron?” [Details]



  • Gabriel Bell