Bathing Beauty: Get out your water wings and take a
dive with Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin. [ href="">Men's

Rock-A-Fellas: It’s shaping up to be a banner week
for ex-label mates and eternal hustlers href="">Damon
Dash and href="">Jay-Z.

On The Trail: Will this campaign season ever end? [ href=",,2269506,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront">Guardian

Ol’ Blighty: Meanwhile the sceptred isle has its own
Mail UK

Style Points: This seasonal scorecard of href="">
surviving menswear designers is probably the best digest of
critiques we’ve seen all year… except our own,
of course. [NYTimes]

Shock Teese: Our href="">favorite
burlesque star, Frau Dita Von Teese, once – surprise, surprise -
filmed some kinky girl-on-girl porn, some of it hot, some of
(particularly the bit with the shoes) not so much. Not to worry, we
still file her under “ href="">classy
broad.” [ href="">Fleshbot,
soooo NSFW]

Budget Kawakubo: H+M will borrow the outré edge of
Comme des Garçons for a limited line this November. [ href="">Vogue

Spelunking: Share your mancave with the world. [ href="">CNN

Guy Liner: Pete Wentz creates a make-up line for men,
you know, because buying women’s make up is kinda gay. [ href="">Styledash]

Deal Alert: Get your Hicky’s. [ href="">Racked]



  • Gabriel Bell