**High Octane**: A preview of Diesel’s new luxury line Black Gold [Fashion Week Daily]

**Endgame**: Pick-up artist/sociopath Neil Strauss promises to revise his bestselling The Game and then disappear from the face of the earth. [Neil Strauss Online]

**Bargain Hunting**: English moped bandits with impeccable taste raid Ralph Lauren, Lulla Bartley, Marc Jacobs and Christopher Kane. [FemaleFirst UK]

**Big Shoes Filled**: Picking up where Yves Saint Laurent left off. [Telegraph UK]

**Bag Men**: Poncho conspiracy theory. Do not try this at home. Or anywhere. [Brandish]

**Cool Cobbler**: Cool Hunting checks in with Aussie shoe maestro Tristan Blair [CoolHunting]

**Canadian Geese**: Catching up with the half-Canuck design team Duckie Brown. [Canadian Business]



  • Gabriel Bell