Any inflatable underpants reference brings out the Wonder Sauna…

**The True Story of a Japanese Man Who Is So Obsessed With Tidal Waves That He Makes Himself a Pair of Inflatable Underpants**: Yep, that’s our Malkovich. [Guardian UK]

**The Fabric of Our Lives**: For your consideration, the cotton pocket square. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

**Faster Than a Speeding Bullet**: Get ready to chuck your old Jetstream, the supersonic business jet is on the way. [PSFK]

**Florence Bound**: The Sartorialist lands at Pitti Uomo. [The Sartorialist]

**Industrial Revolution**: Is “steampunk” the new, kinky “trad”. [Periodic Elements of Style]

**Rogue State**: With B&T graphic shirts like these (via Toronto), can we really afford to make enemies of the Iranians? [Persian Mirror]

**”It’s Fashion Week at The Pennsylvania Farm Show”**: Come again? [