Chuck Rock: The collision of Converse and
gabba-gabba-hey. [ href=",,2267185,00.html">The

Labor Pains: That BR sweater you’re wearing for
casual Friday might have blood on it. [One

Along Came a Spider: We knew a kid in High School who
drove an Alfa Romeo, which was so cool because it was as sexy as a
Porsche but cost less than our used Saab SE. We don’t know what to
think about this new one. [Luxist]

Deal Alert: Suit up for your next expedition at
Freeman’s Sporting Club and then stop in for a cut and shave. Tell Van
we sent you. [ href="">Racked]

Hairy Beast: Arctic Muskox is the new hotness,
dontcha know. [ href="">A
Suitable Wardrobe]

Outside The Lines: Martin Greenfield shares his craft
with Band of Outsiders. [ href="">

Screen Shots: DJ/Designer Matt Creed professes his
love for Gawker – meaning it’s only mere moments before they sully his
good name. []



  • Russell Brandom