Foxy Boxing: Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes and,
sigh, Karolina Kurkova have been practicing the sweet science
at a local gym. We kind of like the fact that they could beat the snot
out of us. [Observer]

“Women Love You in Pink Shirts”: We have personal,
experiential evidence that this is true. [ href="">Just
a Guy Thing]

Barney and Friends: The appearences of Michel Gondry,
Timo and Panama-hat wearing ping-pong champs at Matthew Barney’s
National Arts Club dinner add up to the first party report that
actually made us jealous. [ href="">VF

One Step at a Time: Just like everything else there,
shoemaking in Iraq is a study in tragedy and persistence. [ href="">IHT]

Neighborhood Watch: How could we have missed this
one? Not only has our beloved Style Guy returned from the href="">front with a new report
on CBGB’s, but he also waxes nostalgic (in his own unsentimental way)
about causing a minor riot with his “socialist-realist rock band.”
Awesome. [GQ]

Acne Treatment: What? You still haven’t hit
Acne? [Paper]



  • Russell Brandom