David Hart

The holiday tie doesn’t get much respect, but we’ve got a definite soft spot for them. Here’s why.

There’s nothing like the feel of wearing something you’ve bought specifically for an occasion—whether it’s your first obligatory tuxedo or just a new pair of wingtips. And since you’re guaranteed to have a few holiday parties coming your way in the next few weeks, you’ve got a jump on planning out uniquely seasonal affectations. They’re not as bad as you thought.

Take this newly arrived set of David Hart ties, for instance. It’s definitely more snowflakes and reindeer than we’re used to having in our wardrobe, but the intricate patterns that seem so unworkable in a sweater play a lot better on a three-inch tie. (They’d also play pretty well in an après-ski setting if you’re wondering when else you’d wear them.) The tricolor scheme plays nicely with a navy blazer, so they’re a lot more wearable than you might think at first.

But most importantly, they go great with eggnog.



  • Russell Brandom