Gant launched their first cologne this week, with a little help from the mildly legendary Pierre Wulff. And since they don’t do these things in half measures, we thought it deserved nothing less than a full battery of tests, including a poll of a few of the sharper noses in the office.

If you want to smell it in person, Gant stores will be handing out half-ounce samples with every purchase—but first, we’ll give you a sense of what you’re in for.

It’s supposedly modeled off seawater and boat wood, but to our nose, it’s a more musky, classic scent—the kind of thing you can imagine smelling in a Wall Street gym circa 1948. The biggest surprise is how strong the solvent is. As a result, it’ll tingle a bit when you spray it on, and keep developing for a good half hour. (That’s a good thing.)

But let’s be honest. You don’t care what we think. Like all men in search of the right scent, you’d like to know what women think. So we did a quick poll of the office, and this is what we heard.

It smells like cologne. Good cologne. But… thicker.

Like a musky pear.

A particularly breezy episode of Miami Vice that gets moody at the end.

A strong scent of piña colada Life Savers, then a surprising waft of cedar.

It kind of smells like my grandma. My grandma smells woody.

Leather that’s been left in the sun, mixed with ocean mist.

Um… like man?

If that’s not an endorsement, we don’t know what is.



  • Russell Brandom