Tiger Woods usually sticks with a close-cropped buzz, right in line with his preferred image as an expert technician, but for a few ill-considered months in 2001, he went blond.

It’s a weird move under the best of circumstances. But in this case, it was also an early peek at a moody, attention-seeking Tiger nobody knew existed yet—which just made it weirder.

The bleach didn’t work for one simple reason: he’s no Dennis Rodman. Even now, Tiger has more in common with Dennis Rodman’s accountant. The rebel posture just seemed fake—so fake that it was hard to connect it with anything we knew about him. The face was the same endearing nerd as before, but the hair looked like it was about to start sexting porn stars.

A few months later, he was back to the natural black… but his indiscreet streak was just getting started.



  • Russell Brandom