We were discouraged by a profile on Good Morning America yesterday about the rising popularity of Botox among men. (We refuse to use the term “Bro-tox.”) According to ABC News, 300,000 men received injections in 2011, up 10% from the previous year. Eyelid surgery is up 15%. Face-lifts: 14%. Liposuction: 7%. Why?

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Griffin, “There’s a competition in our society for looks. Better-looking men get paid more and they get the prettier girls.”

As you might expect, we see things slightly differently…

Professional success is attained not in spite of aging, but because of it. Same goes for romantic fulfillment: women of elegance and virtue care not about the presence of wrinkles on a gentleman’s forehead, but rather about the strength of his convictions.

Cutting out of work early once a quarter to have botulism toxin injected into your face, in our opinion, does not exemplify strength of conviction.

Granted, there’s a fine line when it comes to grooming and aging. (We support Propecia while condemning artificial color, for example.) And to be fair to Dr. Griffin and the hundreds of thousands of men receiving Botox every year: the procedure “works.” Forehead lines, crow’s-feet and vertical tension wrinkles between the eyes are decreased, significantly. The patient, in turn, appears younger.

As he might after shaving off all of his body hair, donning a pair of Abercrombie cargo shorts and spending his lunch hour at the skate park, Stussy hat ever-so-slightly askew.

You’re getting older, gentlemen. And you’re looking good because of your age, not in spite of it.

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  • C. Brian Smith