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You can take or leave most of the style advice we dole out. As cool as they are, you don’t need a checked blazer. You don’t need an advice-giving pen. But if you’re living anywhere that sees snow on a regular basis, you’re going to need a winter coat—and you’re going to be living with whichever one you choose for quite a while.

So choose wisely.

And to help you survey the territory, we’ve broken the world’s winter coats into three easy categories and singled out the best items in each one—starting with the most classic item in the bunch, the overcoat…

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The Businessman
This is the trad’s option. It’s also one of our favorites—even if you’re not putting on a suit every day. It’ll class up a sweatshirt just as well. It’s not the most exciting coat in the world, but if you opt for a herringbone or a chesterfield version, it might be the most handsome.
The Favorite: A bespoke tailor
The Runner-Up: J. Press/Cremieux Reversible Herringbone Coat

The Heavy
In coats as in boxing, weight matters. And if you’re willing to carry a few extra pounds on your back, your reward is a warmer and more rugged item—whether it’s leather or just mass quantities of wool.
The Favorite: Perfecto by Schott NYC Big Al Mouton Jacket
The Runner-Up: Montgomery Duffle Coat

The Explorer
Extreme temperatures call for extreme measures. So if you live in Minnesota or your daily routine involves a lot of time with sled dogs, we recommend going straight for the synthetics. These are the parkas they wear on Everest. February in Nova Scotia won’t even faze them.
The Favorite: Canada Goose Banff Parka
The Runner-Up: Alpha Industries Slim Fit Parka



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