It’s seems like a long way off, we know, but in a scant five days New Year’s will be upon us. And with it, New Year’s Resolutions. And since it would be a shame to let a seasonal surge in willpower and self-knowledge go to waste, we’d like to offer up a little wisdom on how to properly resolve yourself, and help 2012 live up to the hype. It’s going to be a good year…

Keep it Simple
You’ve got about a three-week window of enhanced willpower before you’re back to the routine—with our without your new resolution in tow. You aren’t going to become a master chef in that time, but if you pick a few dishes to perfect, by January 20th you’ll be well on your way.
Sample Resolutions: Learn more about whiskey; read War & Peace; make her breakfast.

Play to Your Strengths
This isn’t a time to dwell on things you don’t like about yourself, like your Twitter addiction or your inability to pull off a neckerchief. Instead, go for resolutions that will build on things you’re already good at. You should have plenty to pick from.
Sample Resolutions:Learn your favorite song on guitar; climb Kilimanjaro; cook a perfect steak.

Have Fun
It’s not homework. These are things you want to do, but got elbowed out by the daily hustle, so don’t forget to include a few items you can actually look forward to. The world is your oyster—and so are the resolutions.
Sample Resolutions: Shoot craps; eat lobster; see what this parahawking business is all about.

And if you need a few more choices, this is a pretty good place to start.



  • Russell Brandom