You may have noticed a few cool breezes in the air lately. It’s not brisk yet, but it’s getting there—and when it does, you’ll want to be prepared.

Which is why we’d like to sing the praises of a garment known as the parka.

It’s the perfect jacket for that limbo between summer and fall, and any rainstorms that might come along for the ride. It’s lighter and less musty than your waxed-cotton shell, but it stands up to the wind every bit as well. And unlike your Barbour, it can fold up into your briefcase without causing permanent structural damage.

But it’s not just utility. After a few years in the wilderness, the lightweight parka is showing up as an offbeat choice for labels like Band of Outsiders, Gant Rugger and Woolrich Woolen Mills. It provides an antidote to the more costumey tendencies you might see in a runway show—and if you’re worried your bowtie-and-waistcoat combination is getting a little too precious to be believed, it’s a great way to bring it back down to earth.

In the meantime, stay warm.



  • Russell Brandom