Now that we’re well into the peak of summer, we’ve started pondering one of our favorite summer power moves: the white suit.

It’s a humble, gentlemanly way of saying “I get invited to a lot of semi-formal barbecues,” and nothing looks quite as sharp at a lawn party. The only problem is, it can be a little tricky to pull off.

Naturally, the usual rules of the suit still apply—snug shoulders, an appropriately hip jacket length, slight break in the trousers—but there are a couple new ones too. Luckily, we’re around to walk you through them…

Rule #1: Don’t wear white.
We’re not trying to scare you off because white’s a hard color and you should think twice before taking it on. (Although it is, and you should.) No, we’re talking about the actual color of the suit. This gentleman’s suit is more cream than white. Compare it to his true-white shirt if you don’t believe us. If you go the full bleach, you’ll end up with more of an angelic janitor look—so this is the cardinal rule.

Rule #2: Stay Outside
There’s nothing sadder than an eggshell suit in a fluorescent-lit office. When people talk about dressing for a barbecue or a beach party, that’s what they mean. These are clothes that really only work in daylight. Naturally, you might pass through a few buildings on your way to the party…just don’t expect to look as handsome while you’re there.

Rule #3: Stay Away From Red Wine
It’s hard, we know, but you’ll thank us in the morning.



  • Russell Brandom