These days, we’re pretty much living on linen pants and camp shirts these days. And since that doesn’t leave much room for thick leather belts, we’ve had to get creative with our trouser support.

Our solution of choice so far is Industry of All Nations’ Faja, a strap of woven cotton Argentine gentlemen have been using to hold up their trousers for ages. It’s light, casual, and a much-needed breath of Southern Hemisphere style. But since there’s no buckle, first you’ll have to figure out how to tie it.

Fortunately, the Industry folks have put together a few videos to guide you through the process. The simplest option is what they call “The Classic,” essentially a granny knot with one of the loose strands tucked through your belt loop and another left dangling.

Faja Belt “The Classic” from Industry of All Nations on Vimeo.

If you push it to the side and let both strands dangle, it becomes “The Ninja.” So far, it’s our favorite—mostly because we prefer to keep any dangling closer to our pockets than our zipper.

Faja Belt “The Ninja” from Industry of All Nations on Vimeo.

For advanced users only, there’s “The Professional,” a riff on the half-windsor.

Faja Belt “The Professional” from Industry of All Nations on Vimeo.

Use them wisely.



  • Russell Brandom