Linen’s our pick for the perfect summer fabric—light, breathable, more rugged than you think—but the threat of intense wrinkling scares a lot of gents into cottonhood. But bringing rumpled linen back to the crisp look of the gentleman above is easier than you’d think. You just need a gameplan.

The good news is, linen’s a surprisingly sturdy cloth, so you can skip past the steamers and pants presses to the real thing: the most thorough ironing you’ve ever done.

First, lay the garment in question on a flat towel and wet it down with a little water until it’s damp. (This helps the heat spread around and generally prevents you from scorching the thing.) You can do it with your iron’s steamer, but dripping water from your fingertips works just as well. Once it’s damp enough that it soaks through to the towel, turn your iron up to 11 (seriously, as high as it will possibly go) and give it a thorough twice-over. If your iron’s hot enough, you’ll be effectively steaming the item from the inside. Just wetting it down will take out a good deal of the wrinkles, and the atomic-level ironing will keep them out.

As for mojito stains…we’ll save that for a different post.



  • Russell Brandom