Tucked Tie

The preternaturally on-point Justin Bridges has launched a mini-campaign for the tucked tie in the past few days, starting with these snaps for Baron Wells and this out-and-out endorsement. But before you take to the streets with half a placket showing, we’ve got a few words of caution.

Unlike the army officers who started the style, you’re not in danger of getting your neckwear caught in the gears of an artillery cannon, so there’s no functional reason for the tuck. As with so many affectations, it looks a lot better on the Internet.

Having said that, there are a few rare situations in which a modern man might find it appropriate to slip his tie between the buttons of his shirt… and we’ve compiled an exhaustive list after the jump.

  • If you are in a lookbook.
  • If you are engaged in a spirited game of pétanque, or a similar lawn sport that might be disrupted by a flapping tie.
  • If you are a waiter.
  • If you are André Benjamin.
  • If you are currently in Milan.
  • If the bottom half of your tie has been severed in an act of protest.
  • If you are genuinely concerned your tie will catch fire (e.g., from an open flame, or passionate dancing).

If none of those situations applies, it’s time to let your tie hang free.



  • Russell Brandom