Joe Biden Koozie

We try not to get too political on Kempt, but when a candidate is running on a platform that includes keeping America’s beverages at a refreshing temperature, we’re bound to take notice.

Behold, the official beer koozie of the Obama 2012 reelection campaign, emblazoned with Joe Biden (of course) and two simple words: Cheers, Champ. (Champ being the VP’s childhood nickname). If you don’t believe us, see for yourself, in all of its seriousness.

Aside from the obvious appeal—tipping back a few Bud Heavies with the everyman VP cheering you on—this really becomes a stroke of political genius because it allows you to pledge allegiance to a candidate without a giant, piercing button mucking up your lapel.

The Herman Cain margarita rimmer cannot be far behind.



  • Najib Benouar