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The NBA Draft Style Prospectus


Last night’s NBA draft was touted to have the most talented draft class in recent years.

And while their pro basketball chops have yet to be seen, we already saw some serious style upside in a few of the guys—and plenty of room for improvement. So we’re doing a little analyzing of our own, by taking a look at the style prospects of the 2014 NBA draft.

Here’s how the newest crop of NBA players stacked up in the style department.»

Your Guide to the Father’s Day Gift Guides


It’s become a time-honored tradition for a son to give his father a token of appreciation on the third Sunday of June.

That’s this Sunday, mind you. And since you don’t have the time to wade through the nearly endless stream of gift guides touting the latest gadgetry, machinery and sockery dear ol’ Dad must have, we cut through all the noise to help you figure out where to focus your attention. Whether your old man is a fisher, a gamer or just likes a good pocket square, we’ve got you covered. (Luckily, you’ve still got two-day shipping on your side.)

Herewith, your guide to the father’s day gift guides: »

The Lifetime Achievement in Navigators Award: Paul Newman


The great Paul Newman was so many things—actor, director, race car enthusiast, savvy businessman, generous humanitarian, devoted husband—that we occasionally forget about some of his other achievements. Namely: rocking navigator-style sunglasses so hard, we’re surprised the sun didn’t break at some point.

As we approach peak shade season, here’s some surprisingly flashy inspiration from a man who always managed to stay self-deprecating...»

The Greatest Secret Project Names of All Time


Recently, reports have been trickling out that Google and NASA are in cahoots on a secret project known only as “Google Planetary Ventures.”

Which got us thinking about the great mystique surrounding a secret project name—sometimes borrowed from Latin, sometimes a cheeky nod, but always conveying the gravitas of the situation. And more importantly, it reminded us of some of our favorites throughout history.

Herewith, the greatest secret project names of all time...»

What Your Headphones Say About You


When it comes to music, what you listen to is your own business—when you’re listening on headphones, at least.

But what you might not realize is that whatever you’ve got jammed into your ears or slung across your cranium is projecting something to the world. In other words, the most important choice you make when listening to tunes on the go isn’t about the music, it’s the headphones.

Luckily, we’ve put together this handy guide on what your choice is saying about you.»

The Five Most Awkward Movie Dates Ever


Don’t let the greeting card industry fool you—no matter how well-phrased a few rhyming couplets might be, Valentine’s Day is just like any other day.

Which means your date tomorrow night could go any number of ways, including downhill. Or at least into an awkward spiral from which it may or may not recover. It happens to the best of us. So, partly in celebration and partly as a cautionary tale, we present to you:

The five most awkward movie dates in cinematic history...»

The Kempt 100 Invests in Cash


The Kempt 100 is our definitive list of the 100 best-dressed men of the past 100 years.

If there’s one thing to be gleaned from our next batch of Kempt 100 Legends, it’s this: speak softly and carry a big... guitar. Yep, four of the next five plucked the six-string for a living. And the other guy, well... let’s just say he didn’t have any problem with groupies either...

The next installment of the Kempt 100, after the jump.»