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Dusting Off: The Black-Tie Masquerade Ball


News flash: Halloween is this Friday.

And you’re probably on the hook for at least one party this weekend—meaning you’re going to have to wear a costume that could very well sacrifice your dignity, or worse: your stylish reputation.

But this wasn’t always so—in fact, there was a day and age when dressing up only required a tuxedo and a mask, demonstrated by one Mr. Frank Sinatra, above.

Now this is the sort of costume party we would attend gladly...»

Dusting Off: The Home Ice Block


Sure, you’ve probably walked into your local revivalist cocktail den to find a mustachioed gent chipping away at a large block of ice for someone’s julep or Old Fashioned recently—but there was a time when every home in America had a block of ice in its cold box this time of year.

And that’s something worthy of dusting off.

While there are plenty of times when just a few cloudy cubes from a tray will suffice, we say this: you can do better. Especially because the virtue of many a summer cocktail depends on its ice. Luckily, ice blocks aren’t that tough to make at home, or break down to cubes, spheres, cones and more as long as you know what you’re doing.

Allow us to show you the way...»

Style Icons Getting a Close Shave


By now we’d suspect you’ve already made a good deal of headway into your spring-cleaning checklist.

Congrats on that.

Yet there’s one area you may have overlooked that deserves some serious attention: your face and the beard (or beard-like situation) you’ve let grow wild on it during the colder months. While you’re very well allowed to continue cultivating the scruff—if you think the UV protection will outweigh the heat your cheek-blankets are sure to retain as the mercury rises—you still ought to make sure you’re keeping it tidy.

So, for a little seasonally shorn motivation, take a few cues from stylish men who’ve been known to pick up a razor of their own, after the jump...»

Style Icons + Horses = This


You’ve got your hat. You’ve got your seersucker. And julep or not, your drink’s been Derby-fied with a sprig o’ mint.

Seems like you’re just about ready for Saturday’s festivities—now all you need is a little encouragement. Which is where we come in, with some of the most handsome equestrian moments in style icon history. Because why should the jockeys get to have all the fun?

So let us present your dapper Kentucky Derby inspiration, after the jump...»

The 59 Greatest Polo Shirts of All Time

041714_polo_5 Consider the humble polo shirt: not a lot has changed since Rene Lacoste took a few yards of piqué cotton and fashioned a short-sleeved collared shirt out it.

Which means, if it looked good in 1940, or 1965, it still looks good now. And that’s why we’re continuing our grand tradition of exhaustive garment journalism by compiling all of the greatest moments in the history of polo-shirt-dom...

Herewith, the 59 greatest polo shirts of all time…»

The Things We Learned from a Real-Life Mad Man


If you’ve got a pulse, you know the final season of Mad Men premiered this week. And while the wide world of media is abuzz with the life and style of all things Sterling Cooper, we thought it was high time to get an insider’s take on the real-world glamour of a ’60s ad man.

We caught up with a Mr. Gareld Duane Rollins. A bit of background on GR’s credentials: spent 10 years working for Southwest Athletic Conference Broadcasting, had a 13-year tenure with McCann Erickson, helped coin the phrase “Put a Tiger in Your Tank,” shared an office with Reagan...

So, yeah—he’s got some credentials. And some words to live by. Presenting 12 lessons from a real-life Mad Man...»

David Letterman, a Style Retrospective


If you haven’t heard, David Letterman is riding into the late-night sunset “sometime in 2015,” to be replaced by Stephen Colbert. (Also: how are you enjoying that rock you’re living under?)

It’s somewhat earth-shattering news, really. Letterman is the last of the old guard—he spent the better part of the past four decades defining what a late-night host is supposed to be in America. And what one's supposed to look like. There were the big-rimmed glasses. Then came the giant shoulder pads. Followed by a whole lot of pinstripes. Then there was that run of billowy double-breasted suits that he just refused to button. But toward the end he’s reverted back to his sartorial sweet spot, the trad two-button blazer and power tie. What we’re saying is: it’s been one helluva ride.

Here’s what we mean...»