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Five 11th-Hour Halloween Costumes

  • Kempt Staff


Halloween falling on a workday presents a real challenge for any well-dressed man (and just in case you forgot, that’s happening tomorrow).

Luckily, we’ve got a few solutions for you—and they all involve the suit you’ll be wearing anyway. All you’ve got to do is throw a couple things on over your suit as you head from the office to your costume party, and you’re ready to go.

Herewith, five 11th-hour Halloween costumes.»

Going Plaid: The Six Tartans, Checks and Tatersalls That Matter

  • Najib Benouar


Sure, there’s always been an inextricable link between fall and plaid. (Look no further than your favorite flannel work shirt.)

But this year we’ve been seeing the pattern pop up in a dizzying array of forms—in the US we consider any cloth woven with perpendicular bands of two or more colors to be plaid. You might recognize the more popular ones by name, but you’ve probably seen a few entirely new to you, or others that feel familiar but you can’t quite name—and it’s gotten to the point where it can feel a little daunting.

So we’ve distilled it down to the six you need to know circa 2013, and what you need to know about them.»

The 10 Commandments of Suspenders

  • Najib Benouar


It’s one of menswear’s most uncomfortable truths: you’ve got to keep your pants on somehow.

And when it really comes down to it, suspenders are not only the more elegant choice—compared to cinching a strap of leather around your waist and hoping for the best—but also the more practical one, by taking the unique contours of your waistline out of the equation. But like all sartorial unknowns, there are rules to live by. Rules we’ve put together in this handy guide:

The 10 Commandments of Suspenders.»

An Ode to Elbow Patches

  • Kempt Staff

SONY DSC We’re in favor of flourishes—especially functional ones.

And there may be no better example than elbow patches. They’re handsome. They’re rugged. They’re stately. They’re one of our favorite autumnal affectations and the source of some of the best stuff in our closet—whether original or sewn on to give an old blazer new life. So we thought we’d take a moment to extol their ruggedly professorial charms by highlighting a few of the finest examples we’ve seen.

A photographic ode to elbow patches...»

Fall Report: Luxe Loungewear

  • Kempt Staff

CPN018_SALTPEPPER_A_1024x1024Even just a year ago, the idea of “designer sweatpants” still seemed like a novel—almost subversive—concept. But as the progress of menswear marches on, it was only a matter of time before the once-reprehensible jersey cotton got handsomely upcycled by some of our favorite labels.

And with lazy Sundays of sports-watching on the horizon, you’ll want to consider the following options of not-at-all-schlubby loungewear.»

Fall Report: Colors, Materials, Patterns

  • Kempt Staff

BG-4KPB_mzFall is so close, we can taste it (very spiced-cider-y this year). So, in anticipation of the monumental shift in your wardrobe, leisure activities and general state-of-mind, we’re dedicating this week to preparing you for all of your upcoming autumnal endeavors...

We continue our coverage with a look ahead to the colors, materials and patterns you can expect to see on the racks (and in your closet).»

Fall Report: Your Autumnal Inspiration

  • Kempt Staff

11c26793adf036c96ddaaFall is so close, we can taste it (very spiced-cider-y this year already). So, in anticipation of the monumental shift in your wardrobe, leisure activities and general state-of-mind, we’re dedicating this week to preparing you for all of your upcoming autumnal endeavors...

Starting with a season’s worth of inspiration in the form of what you’ll be watching, listening to and wearing in the next few months.»

Initial Thoughts


"All mankind is running to monograms this year," wrote the New York Times Style section in June, 1902 (click for the fin-de-si‚àö¬Æcle puff piece.) Apparently, monograms were the pants or ties of the age. Since then, what originated with the crests of kings became a not-so-subtle talisman of status more than style, practical in white-collar and dry-cleaning Post-War days and was eventually almost extinguished by the rise of the logo. Granted, monograms have been mostly the provenance of oil-executives since the Patrick Bateman era, but that's no reason not to dapple in initialization…



This weekend, we dispatched our fearless stylist to help a friend in need of an outfit for the Gotham Awards for independent film. He doesn't own a suit (pour soul) and wanted to dress up for this event, but he was disinclined to spend really big bucks for something he might wear only once a year. Makes sense.