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A Giant Stutterheim Raincoat Is the Ultimate Car Cover

  • Kempt Staff


Get this: you and your car could be wearing the same raincoat come spring...

Because Stutterheim, the upstart Swedish outfit turning out minimalist raincoats beloved by menswear bloggers and Jay Z alike, is cutting that breathable rubberized cotton material into car covers. The same welded seam and button construction goes into each car cover, so you’re essentially getting a Stutterheim raincoat for your car. Like most great minimalist design, the concept was born from Scandinavian synergy—between the raincoat maker and Volvo—and now you can special order your own Estate Svart from Stutterheim here.

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Learning the Rules of the Road Trip

  • Kempt Staff

Road Trips

It’s been great having you along for the ride during Road Trip Week here on Kempt. (And what a helluva ride it’s been.)

So now that you’ve chosen the most suitable convertible, packed the correct weekender bag, found a sexy copilot or three and slipped into a pair of driving shoes, there’s only one thing left: hitting the road. And as a gentleman traveler, there are a few things you should be sure to know before setting out on this adventure of a lifetime.

Herewith, a few sage words of road trip wisdom...»

The Six Driving Shoes to Consider

  • Kempt Staff


It wouldn’t be Road Trip Week if we didn’t talk about the most important part of your road-worthy wardrobe: the driving shoe.

They come in many forms—some are more loafer-like, some are more moccasin-y—but they’re all united by two things: a buttery-soft leather construction and gummy rubber bottom (marked by a telltale matrix of nubs embedded in a double-thick leather sole).

They’re especially handy on a breezy weekend jaunt, because they’re handsome enough to wear to cocktail hour yet soft enough to loaf around indoors, once you’ve woken up the next morning at your destination. Meaning they’re the only pair of shoes you’ll need to pack if you’re not planning on anything too formal or a round of golf.

Naturally, we’ve rounded up your six best options on the market right now.»

Weekender Bags for Every Road Trip

  • Kempt Staff

bag tie

With our Road Trip Week kicking into high gear, there’s one essential above all else that you’ll need: a weekender bag that can take a little punishment.

And since a car trunk doesn’t have any carry-on restrictions, it can be whatever dimensions you like—as long as it’s rugged enough to handsomely endure a misadventure or two and has enough room for a couple changes of clothes and a beach towel. And since the options out there are as varied as your potential destination, we’ve gone ahead and picked out the right bag for your next getaway.

Choosing your new weekender bag, according to your weekend... »

What Your Convertible Says About You


The open road beckons.

And to welcome in the most glorious of travel seasons, we’re proclaiming it Road Trip Week here on Kempt.

So, to kick off the festivities, let’s begin with your getaway vehicle of choice. Of course, the sin qua non is the convertible—there’s nothing like throwing caution to the wind while it’s blowing through your hair. But the question still remains: which mode of topless transport best suits your sensibilities?

Naturally, we’ve got the answer to that... »

The Largest Catamaran in the World Sets Sail

Summertime has brought with it a billion-dollar conundrum: you love the superyacht, but its massive hull deems shallow-watered ports inaccessible. Numerous dredging requests have gone unanswered by the Monégasque government. Normally, you’d risk it and just ease her in, but, well, Showtime’s had Titanic on a loop for the last month and a half...

Luckily, we at Kempt are in the business of solving billion-dollar conundrums. Allow us to introduce you to the SS Hemisphere, the largest catamaran ever built. Most importantly, it’s got the roominess of a destroyer, but the depth of a dinghy.

Permission to climb aboard, granted...»

The Coolest Yacht in the World Sets Sail

The Adastra is in the water, gentlemen.

The 139-foot trimaran, which last week won Best Yacht Design at the 2012 Asia Boating Awards, will spend most of the summer traveling between two Indonesian islands owned by Anto and Elaine Marden, who commissioned the superyacht from McConaghy Boats five years ago. All functionality aboard the $15 million Adastra can be controlled by an iPad, which strikes us as dangerous, particularly after downing a half-dozen Singapore Slings on the panoramic deck saloon. Luckily, the hull is made of Kevlar.

But you might want to keep an eye out for her this weekend, just to be safe.

A ’57 Ferrari Comes Up for Auction

Ferrari 625

If you happen to be in Monaco next month, we’ve got a car for you. This 1957 Ferrari 625 Spider is going up for auction on May 11, after nearly three decades in what we assume was an extremely well-appointed garage. They won’t say how much they expect it to go for (probably to spare our feelings), but we’re guessing it’ll cost slightly less than Instagram.

Drag Days


Ford just opened up its image archive to let more than 5000 classic pics onto the web, including this drag safari snap featuring a pair of hot rods circa 1954. In case you didn't have anything planned for the next few hours...

Electric Avenue

teslamodels_crop.jpgpic via Mashable

There’s a lot of cool stuff floating around Vegas this week, but our favorite CES gadget so far doesn’t do anything but drive. It’s the Tesla Model S, a sedan version of the roadster that’s been blowing auto writers away for the past few years. This one won’t have the same kind of power (that’s what you give up for the lower price tag), but it’ll still have the space-age “instant acceleration” feel that makes the roadster such a blast to ride in. Deliveries start this year…and we’ll be holding our breath in the meantime.

Easy Riding


Electric cars are great in theory, but with the possible exception of Tesla, the tech has yet to produce anything that could be called “badass.” At least, until now.

This three-wheeler, welded together by metal artisan Josh Hadar, is a step in the right direction. At the moment it’s the only one in existence, and it tops out at a barely-street-legal 45 mph…but it’s still just about the coolest electric vehicle we’ve seen so far. Captain America would be proud.

At the Pump


Consider this your subculture of the day: Petroliana.

It’s the auctioneer’s term for vintage filling-station gear like this 40s Mobilgas pump—and a whole complement of it is going up for auction tomorrow. The haul includes a dozen vintage pumps, a handful of oil dispensers, a stuffed badger and a ’31 Ford Model A (more gushing here), collected by a Texas oil tycoon over the past few decades.

It’s not the most useful stuff (unless you’re putting a home garage together), but it calls up the era of boat-sized sedans and cheap gas better than just about anything. And if you really want to see it in action, you can always retrofit it to electric.